Greek for foreigners
Greek for foreigners


The Chinese language is nowadays a valuable resource in search of work, in a
work environment that keeps getting more competitive. Learning the chinese language is a challenge and paneuropia responds with a teaching system suitable for Greek students having also ensured its valuable and exclusive collaboration with Mandarin CapitalMandarin Capitalone of the most important institutes of chinese language teaching in China, is headquartered in Hangzhou in the Zhejiang Province. Known for the unique beauty of its scenery, remarkable universities as well as its amazing growth rate.
Books used to teach the language are commensurate with the needs of our students. Special series for our young students, series for adult students as well as Business courses aimed at entrepreneurs traveling to China or collaborating with Chinese entrepreneurs.
Our course, so far, in teaching the chinese language has been crowned with absolute success in the HSK exams, which certify the knowledge of the language and are conducted every October by the Hellenic-Chinese Association.
There is no doubt that an HSK 3 level certification attaches great importance to a resume.
So invest properly by choosing a language that opens new professional horizons for you.
Επαγγελματικούς ορίζοντες.

Adult Classes

Children's Classes:since 2012 chinese language classes are operated exclusively for children. Books and the educational material is specialized for the needs of our young students.
For Chinese we prepare and train our students in the following certificates: