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Μαθε Ισπανικα με Ταξίδι στην Κολομβία

Μαθε Ισπανικα με ένα Ταξίδι στην Κολομβία – Γιατί ένα ταξίδι στην Κολομβία σημαίνει να γεμίσεις το πνεύμα σου με την Ισπανική γλώσσα!

Μετα από μια περιπετειώδη διαδρομή γεμάτη αμέτρητες στροφές και λακκούβες, εγώ, la Señora,  όπως με αποκαλούν στα ισπανικά οι Κολομβιανοί φίλοι μου, ανασήκωσα τη λευκή δαντελένια φούστα μου και πάτησα με ανυπόμονο πόδι τη γλιστερή σκούρα λάσπη. Με διστακτικά προσεκτικά βήματα προχώρησα το στενό μονοπάτι στην απότομη πλαγιά με τα μπανανoδεντρα και τις φυτείες του καφέ.

Μαθε Ισπανικα με Ταξίδι στην Κολομβία – Η Γαστρονομική Εμπειρία

At the sight of the incredible destination, I smiled, a little surprised, a little embarrassed. On a narrow terrace covered with a makeshift canopy for rain and sun, the famous pernil was baked in an old metal barrel.  

Two or three old unfortunate chairs, a thin strip of wood, soaked by the recent storm, were waiting for me to touch and be enchanted by the view of the afternoon that stretched out on the green slopes of the Andes of Antioquia.

 I lay there for a while, absorbed in this wealthy lush before returning to explore the barrel of pernil that had just been uncovered by varlvaro to reveal the fragrant delicacy that lurked within it.

 Pernil con limón, pork thigh with lemon. For hours it was soaked patiently in the magic juice of the lemon and with excess patience it was crushed in the hot embrace of the barrel. Varlvaro prepared an elongated tray with papas y yuca tofu along with tiny crispy arepas corns and with almost ritualistic movements cut a piece of precious pernil to do the test. Anxiously the question "Corto mas?" (Should I cut more?)

Our enthusiastic prompts turned him into a proud chef, ready to amaze us with his delicious enchanted snacks.

Colored tomatoes with local herbs, wrapped pieces of queso fastened with thin twigs and covered with a sweet sauce of yellow shiny uchuva bubbles. Yellow cream cheeses covered with the fragrant shiny heart of maracuya. Its crumb full of crunchy seeds that just break flood the mouth with exotic aromas. Also, pieces of white salty cheese accompanied by nuts in dark purple color with a very pleasant, somewhat astringent taste.

We drank a refreshing coco lemonade, a drink very popular in the Caribbean Cartagena de Indias, jugo de gulupa fruit from the Jardín region, and exquisite jugo de wanabana. It was difficult to choose between them, all exotic, velvety, the right match for our snacks and essential for every trip to Colombia. In the end Arley brought to the table a basket full of cool guayabas peruanas he had just cut.

And here in this tiny cozy tavern in Santa Mia on the slopes of Herrerita, in Jardín, a beautiful village in the Colombian Andes, we tasted the beauty of nature, the Spanish language and the delicacies of varlvaro on an August afternoon.

μαθε ισπανικα με ταξίδι στην κολομβία

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